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Whenever you give a title to a particular film you have to be sure why you kept that and proper justification is required. In case the title is not that appealing then there is every chance that audiences don’t get connected and they would not come to the theatre once the film releases.In lieu of that, the filmnagar circles are currently pondering on why the eccentric genius Ram Gopal Varma has named his new movie as Mogali Puvvu. Well, here is the justification for that. It is needless to say Mogalipuvvu emanates a mystic aroma and they also tend to carry a strange attraction.And it's a widely accepted belief that Mogalipodha is a dwelling for venomous snakes. Thus, an extra marital or an illicit affair is always mystic with a scent. But one needs to be careful always from the perils surrounding it. This is the intent behind RGV coining this title and the film has Sachin Joshi with the sexy navel beauty Meera Chopra in the lead


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Mogali Puvvu