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Director Raj Madiraju’s new film Aithe 2.0 is set for a April release. The film has been titled after Aithe directed by Chandrasekhar Yeleti in 2003 that has become a benchmark for many thrillers. Explaining the title, Madiraju says, “We were considering many titles and as we were developing the story, we realised the film had an uncanny resemblance to Aithe and is a reboot version..four unemployed youth, their journey and how they get entangled in a problem. Aithe Aithe 2.0 is a louder version of Aithe and can be termed as a technical thriller.He observes that with technology creeping into restrooms and bedrooms, there are positive and negative aspects as well. For everything you do on social media, you are being watched, you no longer have privacy. “The very thought sends a shiver down my spine. Everything you post is being recorded somewhere and you don’t know when it will be used against you. I used that element in the film. The characters are down to earth and in the first phase, they are like any other unemployed engineering graduates. Around 70 percent of them are unemployed and move to other professions, they motivate themselves and move on. The engineering graduates who are jobless, are now on FB making short films hoping that some day they will be spotted and will get that big break as a director.”


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